The Ashok
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  Amatra - City SPA

The Ashok - Rejuvenation


A harmonious blend of personal therapy rooms, yoga, a flotarium, Vichy Showers and the healing touch of Ayurvedic ingredients and processes, amidst lily pools and corridors, await you in a soothing sanctuary, sprawling over an expanse of 20,000 ft. State–of-the-art equipment and specialized therapists cater to your personal fitness and beauty requirements.

Existing add-ons – Island Bar, the one-stop health junction at Amatrra, bases its culinary technique on ancient Ayurveda that combines equal measures of nutrition and pleasure. For a complete replenishment and relaxation, remedial hot and cold drinks based on Ayurveda and Astrophysics are served here.


Unlock hidden energy




At The Ashok
The Universe consists of opposing energies-yin and yang, male and female, light and dark, positive and negative. The balance of these cosmic energies creates health, peace, harmony and prosperity, Amatrra is a lifestyle spa that helps you to access and unlock these hidden reserves of energy. Its customized wellness programs combine the ancient of Ayurveda with advanced training systems – enabling you to live life to the full.


A sprawling 20,000 Sq.ft sanctuary in the heart of the city. Featuring personal therapy rooms, a poolside gymnasium, dedicated yoga and aerobics studios, salons, saunas, relaxation lily pools, restaurant and juice bar.

The essence of spa therapy. Amatrra features a floatarium, individual steam and sauna baths, vichy showers, lily pools and therapeutic pebble-lined water corridors.

Natural products and high technology treatments. A complete unisex salon, equipped with an auto-shampooing chair and luxurious hydrojet pedicure stations. Herbal designed for the entire spectrum of hair and skin types.

A fitness system that fits your DNA. Bio-strength and cardio training equipment with integrated personal entertainment consoles, built by Technogym Italy. Managed by and interactive software platform that automatically adjusts each piece of equipment according to member profile.

The universe exerts a powerful influence on our lives. Cosmic energies interact differently with physical and chemical elements in every human body. Amatrra’s specialists use astroscience to assess the impact of planetary positions on an individual’s health and well-being. Therapies and lifestyle recommendations are formulated accordingly.

Ancient antidotes for modern ailments. Amatrra’s ayurvedic doctors diagnose individual constitutions and lifestyles, devising therapy schedules specific to each member. Treatments range from therapeutic massage to toxic eliminations, all designed to harmonize the system and release fresh reserves of healing energy.

Products formulated according to the laws of nature, not chemistry. Pure, organic and hypo-allergenic preparations with UV A&B filters. Designed to nourish, beautify and empower the body. Researched and developed in-house using ayurvedic ingredients and processes. Available at the Amatrra boutique.

Each serving contains equal measures of nutrition and pleasure. Effects range from tonic, therapeutic, elixir and aphrodisiac. Served according to seasonality and mood, based on rajasik (stimulating) and satvik (soothing) properties.

Juice Bar
Replenishment and relaxations. Remedial hot and cold drinks based on ayurveda and astrophysics, served in accordance with doshas, seasons and individual bioenergies. The Amatrra Soma features a selections of French and New World wines.


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Direct Line : 011-24122921 / 22

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